Animals (1988) excerpt, performed at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Madame 710 by Ann Carlson, Mary Ellen Strom and Jeri 


Animals  is a suite of five dances for the concert stage that are made in collaboration with nonhuman animals.   These dances include; "Scared Goats Faint", "The Dog Inside the Man Inside", "Sarah", "Duck, baby" and "visit woman move story cat cat cat".    Animals premiered at Dance Theater Workshop in New York City in February, 1988 and toured through-out the United States from 1989 until 1996.  


Madame 710

Madame 710 is a performance-video made in collaboration with Mary Ellen Strom, Ann Carlson and Jeri, the dairy cow. It is a three channel video installation that examines issues of commodification, and industrial agriculture.